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History of SFSC in India

After the second Vatican council, Mother General Giovanna Zippo had a keen desire to start a new mission in Indian soil. On December 1988 Mother Giovanna Zippo and Sr.Ambile Galata arrived in Kerala accompanied by first Indian junior sisters and started our new community in Cochin in a rented house.We started our second community in Veloor in the year 1989 as pre-postulants formation house.

On 1990 Veloor community transferred to Nirmala Bhavan and on 16th of December 1990 laid the foundation stone by Bishop Peter Thuruthikonam for the new formation house St.Francis Bhavan at South Chengalam , Kottayam under the diocese of Vijayapuram.On 25th January 1992 the new house was done in the presence of Mother Giovanna Zippo and this house was built with the help of Propaganda Fede. After that we started an orphanage for poor girl children in St.Francis Bhavan.The sisters also collaborate in the parish ministry like teaching catechism, house visiting etc.Along with Nirmala Bhavan community we started a nursery school and embroidery school. We could give job opportunities for poor women in our embroidery school.

In 1994 we started one more community in Thrissur under Thrissur Arch Diocese and on 7th December we started our first novitiate in India with 5 novices in rented house in Poothole. After that we purchased a land for us in Mundur and on 1996 we transferred the novitiate to Mundur community.Our sisters are working in Amala Hospital run by CMI fathers. We also have a play school along with the community.

On 24th July 2002 we started a new community “Asha Kirana Bhavn” in M.K Halli, Bogadi in Mysore under the diocese of Mysore and shifted the novitiate to this new community.

In January 2007 we started a new Community Grace bhavan in Anakkapara in Palakkad under Palakkad Diocese. The sisters are engaged in parish ministry and house visiting.

As we are aware about the necessity to serve in the other parts of India,on May 2008 we started a new community Assisi Bhavan in Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh and started work in a school run by diocese of Khanduva.

As part of the North East mission, on 4th October 2008 we started a community Assisi Bhavan in Umling , Meghalaya under the diocese of Shillong. We purchased the land along with a school from Franciscan Missionary brothers and we started to work there.

On December 2009 First Indian delegation formed as Mother Giovanna Zippo delegation as Sr.Jolly Choorakkat as the delegate superior in the first delegation assembly at Mundur and St.Francis Bhavan as the delegation house. We stopped temporarily the embroidery school and Nirmala Bhavan community as per the construction work of the community building.

On December 2010 we started a new community La Verna Bhavan in Thalore , Thrissur under Thrissur diocese. We have a plays school and our sisters started to work in the CBSE school belong to the parish and they also engaged in the pastoral ministry of the parish actively.

On May 2013 we celebrated the silver Jubilee of our sisters Sr.Ancitta Thykkadan,Sr.Mareena Manalel, On December 2013 our second delegation assembly held at Mundur community and Sr.Gigi Joseph was elected as Delegate Superior.

On December 2014 we celebrated the silver Jubilee of our sisters Sr.Jolly Choorakkatu and Sr.Francesca Karoden.

On February 2014 we started a new community Simpliciano Bhavan in Sreerampur at Mahrashtra. Our sisters are working in a school run by Vincentian Fathers. Sisters are also working in the parish ministry.

Our sisters are working in Jubilee Mission medical College Hospital and we started a small community Sneha Bhavan for our sisters in the hospital campus.

On 2015 we started an old age home and counseling centre (Divine Mercy home) along with Mundur community. Our sisters are rendering their selfless service there and Sr.Angel Maria serving in the counseling centre.

On 25th January Nirmala Bhavan community blessed and shifted the Delegation house from St.Francis

The convent of Sneha bhavan was blessed October 2016

On 2018 our third delegation assembly held at Mundur and Sr.Gigi Joseph re-elected as the Delegate superior of the delegation.

On 2018 November we celebrated the Silver Jubilee of Sr.Maria Varikkanikkal.

On 2019 September we celebrated the Silver Jubilee of our sisters, Sr.Gigi Joeph, Sr.Daisy John,Sr.Hilda Elias, Sr.Ancy Vazhythakkat, Sr. Marianna Sebastian, Sr.Detty Theredathu and Sr.Jency Mathew.

On January 2020 we celebrated the Silver Jubilee of Sr.Mary Francis.

On August 2020 we started a new community Clare Bhavan in Greater Noida, Delhi and our sisters are working here with the Franciscan Mission Brothers for the educational ministry.

We started a new community Sanjose Bhavan on 23rd June 2021 in Valliode in Palakkad diocese. Our sisters are working in a ICES school and also in the old age home run by TOR fathers.

On July 30th 2022 we celebrated the Silver Jublee of Sr.Suma and Sr.Lucy.

On 28th January 2023 we started a new community in Mawlyndep , Meghalaya North-east part of India. Our sisters are working in the school and helping in the parish.

SFSC in India became an independent province in the first provincial chapter from 6th to 14th May 2023 at St.Francis Bhavan and Sr.Jolly Choorakkattu elected as the Provincial Superior.