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Jubilee Mission Medical College

"Jubilee Mission Medical College" - Diocesan Hospital - Trichur - (Syrian Rite)

On July 22, 2013, we began our mission in the Jubilee Hospital. Mission Medical College belongs to the Diocese of Trichur. The first Sisters: Sisters Sophy, Simi and Stanice were sent to the hospital to work, with the permission of Bro. Raphael Vadakkan, Director of the Hospital. At that time, we had not yet formed a community, as it is now. In fact, the Sisters belonged to the community of Mundoor but worked in the Hospital and remained in the Hospital's apartment free of charge. Sr. Daisy was the superior of the community who accompanied the Sisters, together with Sr. Detty and Fr. Davis Chachakkalaykkal to the Hospital.


c/o Jubilee Mission Medical College,
Thrissur 680306 Kerala - INDIA