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Asha Kirana Bhavan

"Asha Kiran Bhavan" - Diocese of Mysore (Latin Rite)
To clear up the local question of the presence of the two Rites (Latin and Syrian) in Kerala, Mo. Giovanna Zippo and Sr. Amabile then, with the help of Mo. Tecla Famigliari, of the Brigidine Sisters, in November 1994, they went to Bangalore (Karnadaka) , with the intention of opening a community, out of Kerala. But Bishop of Bangalore said he had too many houses of formation in his diocese and that he could not give other permits; he advised instead, to go to Mysore. Mo. Giovanna and Sr. Amabile arrived in Mysore on the morning of Saturday, November 27, 1994; they were received by the Administrator (he was actually waiting for the nomination of a new Bishop), who recommended us to the care of Fr. Benedict. Thus, he spent the whole day with the Sisters looking for a land where to settle and, at the end of the day, we finally found a suitable land. On this land, a small new and habitable house was built. Mo. Giovanna and Sr. Amabile liked the place very much because of the milder climate and so, Mo. Giovanna requested the Administrator of the Diocese of Mysore to proceed with the purchase. On January, 1997, the cornerstone was laid; the final inauguration was held at the completion of the chapel which took place on July 24, 2002, in the presence of the Bishop of Mysore, Msgr. Joseph Roy. It was a nursery school for the children of the village but now this apostolate has been closed due to the lack of children. Currently, it serves as the Novitiate and a lodging for girls. The aspirants, the postulants and the novices are left in Mysore because they are from the Karnadak state. From Megalaya, the language is different and vocations are few.


Bogadi Road, M.K. Hally 570028 Mysore, Karnataka - INDIA


+91 0821 259885
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